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If you love to bet on sports, but struggle to win money, then you should read this…

If you've been betting on sports for a while, you probably already know, at an intellectual level anyway, that sports betting is a game that CAN be beat.

Just like with poker, horse racing and blackjack (if you can count cards), it is possible to gain a mathematical edge over the oddsmaker.

betting ticket

No, you can't get an edge on every game, but over the course of the season it is possible to gain an advantage over your bookmaker.

This is because betting on sports is a matter of opinion. If your opinion is closer to the truth than the so-called ‘betting public’, then you will win money over the long haul.

Okay, you're most likely already aware of this.

So who in the fuck am I to tell you how to win at sports betting?

My name is Jerry Higgins. I've been betting on sports since I moved to Reno, Nevada back in 1988.

Yes… that's 28 years ago!

For most of those 28 years I had more-or-less decent results as a sports bettor.

I performed the necessary research

I analyzed the relevant stats

I factored in the appropriate situations

I kept meticulous records

But I didn't achieve any substantial breakthroughs until I gained an understanding of some basic truths about sports betting.

Up until that point, I figured I knew it all.

But instead of knowing it all, I came to the painful conclusion that I was…


Yes, that was VERY difficult for me to accept.

Until then, I had bought into the concept that all I needed to do was pick winners above the 52.38% break-even point and practice basic money management in order to win.

And while I did manage to win often enough to produce some short term cash flow, I was never able to build up any type of serious bankroll.

I had fallen into the nasty habit of treating sports betting as my own personal ATM machine, trying to isolate strong betting situations that would warrant a big bet.

Sure, I won a lot of those big bets… but I lost my share of them too.

I was on an emotional roller coaster ride that took me from from pure ecstasy to the depths of despair.

And I was becoming increasingly sick and tired of that ride.

So sick and tired that it forced me to come to the realization that most everything I thought I knew about sports betting was complete BULLSHIT.

I had been busy digging myself into a sports betting rut that had morphed into a trench.

stuck in a rut

The real truth about sports betting was out there for anyone to see, but I was down so deep down in the trench that I wasn't able to see it.

I became so obsessed about knowing the truth that I was willing to question everything that I previously thought was true.

Here are three truths that I eventually came to understand.

The First Truth About Sports Betting

Because of untimely turnovers, bad calls, poor handicapping and in-game injuries…

… the outcome of over half the games you bet on is downright unpredictable!

Professional bettors know this and are perfectly content to win 54% to 55% of their wagers while grinding out a long-term profit.

And although they’re understandably hesitant to admit it, many of these pro bettors will occasionally suffer through a 50% season.

The Second Truth About Sports Betting

Like most other things in life, betting is predictably streaky.

Being a 55% handicapper does NOT mean that after 20 wagers you're going to win 11 and lose 9. Maybe after 100 bets you'll stand at 55 wins and 45 losses… but that's not even a given.

Because of a mathematical principle called ‘variance’ which is a sophisticated word for saying, a deviation from the norm, you are going to have unpredictable winning and losing streaks during that 55% - 100 game sample.

underdog win rate

Most sports bettors don't anticipate (and are unwilling to accept) the inevitable losing streaks that normally go along with being an even ‘pretty good’ handicapper.

Not comprehending the concept of ‘variance’, leads one to risk too much money on any one game… which eventually leads to financial disaster.

The Third Truth About Sports Betting

This one as it hits a little closer to home… at the epi-center of your sports betting ego.

Most bettors see themselves as smarter than the average bear. And they are smart… so goddamn smart that they wind up out-smarting themselves.

Being down in the trenches… over-analyzing and over-thinking a game, makes it difficult to see what's really going on… that a loftier perspective might allow.

To win at sports betting, without spending hours handicapping the games, you have to remove the biggest enemy from the equation, which is…


You are your own worst enemy, and given the chance, you WILL find a way to fuck things up!

The oddsmaker and sportsbook count on you doing this and for the most part, they are usually not disappointed.

Most sports bettors unilaterally…

Think they can make a better line than the oddsmaker

Bet more money than they should on a given game

Have an overwhelming desire to win back losses… sooner rather than later

See their wins as a result of great handicapping

View their losses as bad beats

Like I mentioned earlier, most sports bettors are…


Just like I used to be.

My job here is to smack you in the face and wake you up to the TRUTH, which is…

… unless you have a BIG bankroll, a significant amount of time to handicap the games AND exceptional money management skills, you are not going to win any serious money over the long haul betting on sports.

There is, however, an exception to that statement.

If you are willing to make a major paradigm shift and start looking at sports betting from a different perspective, it is possible to win a lot of money over a relatively short amount of time (1 to 2 years).

the real truth about sports betting

I show you how to do this in The Real Truth About Sports Betting.

This 31 page eBook shows you how to make that essential paradigm shift that the oddsmaker does NOT want you to make.

“The Real Truth About Sports Betting” reveals…

The real reason why 95% of sports bettors lose

The mysterious math principle that causes winning and losing streaks

Why you're not as good (or as bad) of a handicapper as you might think

How you can win more money by not handicapping the games

The real ‘enemy’ that keeps you from winning (it's NOT who you think it is)

Why most bettors use sports betting as the wrong tool for the wrong job

How to turn a small bankroll into a small fortune inside of two years

Why progressive sports betting systems do not work for most bettors

How to play the sports betting game on the same field as the bookmaker

The Real Truth About Sports Betting will change the way you look at sports betting forever.

To beat the oddsmaker you need to think like an oddsmaker. Once you begin playing the game on the same field as he is… you can beat him!

The Real Truth About Sports Betting is required reading if you want to take your sports betting activities to an entirely different level.

The best part is you don't have to pay anything for these valuable sports betting insights. I don't even want your email address!

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